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JoRob who is a singer, songwriter, and producer was known to grace each track with his urban resonance. The unique sound and vibe that JoRob has in his music will never be matched; JoRob is constantly re-inventing himself to reach perfection. “There is always room for improvement. When you settle, that’s when you, as an artist, will fail.” During the interview JoRob tells Vanie,  “Everyday I’m contacting artist, producers, radio stations and DJ’s. I’m reading up on the entertainment industry & tricks of the trade. I spend a lot of time promoting my album and videos. I have developed a number of new clothing pieces for my clothing line JoRobWear. I spend hours and hours at my studio writing music and recording.

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          David Luke’s motto “now is the start of the begining….all the legends are getting old”  has some truth. Full of energy and ready to work at any moment and full of enthusiasm  this young producer is a true musical genius. I had the opportunity to sit and interview him while at the studio.

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I met this talented guy at Kevin’s Writers session a few days ago. He came off humble and down to earth. Oscar Lee’s music is indescribable and hard to classify. His sound cannot be put in a box. This talented 20 year old is spontaneous with his craft.


01 Hi.

02 Ex Games.

03 Dream From Yesterday.

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I was so blessed to be given the opportunity of meeting a plethora of great talents at the Kevin Shine Writter’s Session segment in Atlanta, GA April 23-27, 2012. While there I met Earthtone Lyrix. The energy from her was so pure and genuine which reiterates her stage name. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and learning more about her journey in music. Her music is soulful and full of life and her sound is remarkable. Please listen to the relaxing and sensual music of Earthtone and read her exclusive interview with yours truly, Ms. Vanie.


Song 1 EarthTone- Look At Me

Song 2EarthTone- Move On

Song 3 EarthTone- Sketch Me(2)

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This was one of my first in-person interviews . Anita Safo was so much fun to interview and made the process so easy for me. I loved the whole interview. We laughed most of the time and learned about each other. Anita Is an awesome individual and superb model. Read her Interview and learn about her and her work .

About Nita:  Age-24

From Atlanta, GA [Ghanaian]

Twitter: @heyimanita,

Models on deck as Nita Pop.

U.S. Castings as Anita Safo.

Face book fan page:

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Contributed by: Kimberly Gilkes







A recent graduate of Albany State University and a very talented artist Amani Jackson uses the influences of her surroundings and life to create artwork that speaks to a vast majority of people. Ms. Jackson’s artwork is reflective of a young independent woman striving to reach her dreams and expecting nothing but the best.

Name: Amani Jackson

Age: 23

Representing: Decatur, GA/ By way of California

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“You have to be humble enough to appreciate the ideas of others especially when the idea may be better than your own.”

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants Peso’s Mexican Cantina, I was able to meet with the very eccentric Londyn Lyná. This 24 year old artist representing Atlanta, GA is the most down to earth person that you will ever meet. Not only does she sing but she also plays the piano and clarinet. Her background in music is derived from a spiritual one, she is also inspired and reflective of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Sade, Ella Fitzgerald, and Count Basie just to name a few. “I love composer and pianist Richard Smallwood, I like a lot of old jazz. I make classical music with a contemporary sound.” When I asked Ms. Lyná what type of people she surrounds herself with she responded, “I surround myself with people like myself. I realize all of my friends that I hang around talk about music all day. All we do is music and that’s all that matters.”

Click on link to listen to music: 1.  Thrill of the chase     2. Love Me Back Final

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A beautiful face is not determined by the skin, despite the time and energy we devote to skin care. It is what is under the skin, the skeletal structure, that makes the difference. Your facial plastic surgeon will spend a considerable amount of time analyzing your bone structure and facial features before discussing any possible improvements. That is why a surgeon might recommend a chin implant when the patient thinks he needs a rhinoplasty. In the end, the patient decides which procedures to have, but all patients should understand that the surgeon’s advice is based on sound

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