As you all know I went ahead and did the big chop!!! Yes I cut my hair. My friends were surprised and to my surprise they loved it! I love my friends, but in this big decision their opinion didn’t matter because I was ready and comfortable enough in my own skin to go for it!

I only been going back natural hair for 3 months now and already I put in a sew-in (there is a reason for this).  It is a lot of maintenance, but I’m maintaining it. I just need a break for a while with school finals coming up and my current relocating, my hair is the last thing I wanted to worry about.

So far I have loved every bit of my natural hair and plan on keeping it that way forever. There is so much beauty and pride in looking in the mirror now. Not that there wasn’t before, but this time it’s different, because I feel more exposed and it’s beautiful!

After watching this you-tube video I became inspired and knew for a fact that there was no shame in flaunting my natural hair and I decided to cut it. I wasn’t patient enough to wait and “transition”.

I hope after watching that video you realized how much work goes into maintaining beautiful natural hair. That style you just watched is called coiling. It’s my favorite but I use different products than those you seen in the video.

What is Transitioning?

Transitioning is the process of growing out texturised, relaxed, chemically processed or damaged hair. It requires looking after new growth, your natural hair, as well as your processed or damaged hair. Then you have the option to either cut off the chemically processed hair when you reach your desired length or you can trim off the chemically processed hair at increments as your natural hair grows.

Transitioning is better if would like to keep length however styling and haircare can be very difficult as you have to adjust to the characteristics and needs of both hair textures. Transitioners tend to find most success in hairstyles that can hide both textures such as braid outs, twist outs, flexi rods and straw sets as well as protective styles such as braids, cornrows etc.

What is The Big Chop (BC)?

“The Big Chop” is essentially cutting or shaving off all texturised, relaxed, chemically processed or damaged hair in one go with little or no growing out of hair. “The Big Chop” is for those of you eager to just to get started as the process take less patience. This is what I did because Vanie did not have the patience.

Out of the two, you just have to decide whats best for you and your hair type and go from there. Do some research on what product works best for you and remember have fun with it and not to take it too serious. It’s just hair!

Here is another link to another beautiful woman who I take hair tips from enjoy and subscribe to hair gurus on youtube for tips as well.