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As you all know I went ahead and did the big chop!!! Yes I cut my hair. My friends were surprised and to my surprise they loved it! I love my friends, but in this big decision their opinion didn’t matter because I was ready and comfortable enough in my own skin to go for it!

I only been going back natural hair for 3 months now and already I put in a sew-in (there is a reason for this).  It is a lot of maintenance, but I’m maintaining it. I just need a break for a while with school finals coming up and my current relocating, my hair is the last thing I wanted to worry about.

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Vanie's Resume

I was so blessed to be given the opportunity of meeting a plethora of great talents at the Kevin Shine Writter’s Session segment in Atlanta, GA April 23-27, 2012. While there I met Earthtone Lyrix. The energy from her was so pure and genuine which reiterates her stage name. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and learning more about her journey in music. Her music is soulful and full of life and her sound is remarkable. Please listen to the relaxing and sensual music of Earthtone and read her exclusive interview with yours truly, Ms. Vanie.


Song 1 EarthTone- Look At Me

Song 2EarthTone- Move On

Song 3 EarthTone- Sketch Me(2)

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Three very successful women living three different lives. Will their bond last forever? Read it as it is written. It’s a soap opera in text! Enjoy

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