D.A. the Future’s (of Hip Hop) like many artists, introduction to music began at home and in the church where music was the driving force for inspiration in his family’s life. It wasn’t long after he picked up a pen and started writing lyrics of his own. By his tenth birthday he began experimenting with recording and from that point on, he knew he was going to be a star. He would soon be reciting lyrics in front of audiences like a natural performer. Realizing his relationship with the entertainment industry was fate, his passion for music began to grow and he has been committed to his craft ever since.

Words from D.A. The Future:

“On a ordinary day you’ll more than likely catch me at Earl’s barbershop 359 broadway, Amityville, NY cutting hair playing chess and writing rhymes. By the end of the night in the studio or dumbin out in a bar with my homies and some fly females rolling blunts, or low planning on my next epic move.  All I want people to know is I am a MisFit 4 Life! Live Life To The Fullest”.

D.A. solidified his name as a sharp MC at the age of fifteen after winning several battles and talent shows. The hustler inside of him will perform wherever his music will be heard. From fashion shows to neighborhood parties, D.A. is determined to take “D.A. The Future” (of hip hop) to the next level. His efforts have been rewarded so far where he was invited to open up for artists such as Papoose, Collie Budd and Graph at The Cop Shop in Long Island.

His next task was to sprinkle the mix-tape market with different tracks. He succeeded by having sold 10,000 copies on each debut of “The Recipe” and “The Manuscript.” When asked if he felt that was a major career accomplishment he replied, “Accomplishment? Yes! But that wasn’t the beginning and end for me. It just proved I had fans out there that appreciated my music. And I am grateful for that.” In addition to his mix-tapes he is already CEO of two companies (Misfits Entertainment – a record label and Smash Brothaz Entertainment – a promotional/marketing firm), this artist is out to prove he’s got more than just a beat and a rhyme.

D.A. the Future is not your average rap artist. He has a story telling style with a party starter feel. He is a conscientious thinker with the gift of a poet. D.A. is the Future of Hip Hop.


D.A. The future!
1. D.A! Tell the few who haven’t heard your music about your craft.
I’m a rapper, a artist and I specialize in delivering good music.
2. What are your motivations and inspirations?
What motivates me the most has to be my family their constantly supporting me and pushing me to keep working hard. After that, it’s definitely Amityville Long Island where I’m from we have rich soil. As far as inspiration, It’s hard to pin point it comes from every where I could be walking down the street and see a sign on a wall and be inspired but ultimately I want to be the greatest I can be so I grind.
3. When can we expect to hear more of your music?
Coming this winter I’m going to be dropping more music leading up to the release of my next project Field Of Dreams.
4. How long have you been creating music?
I recorded my 1st song in my brothers  room when I was 12, and was in the studio by 15, so 11 or 12 years roughly.
5. My personal favorite right now is your hit 2 girls & 1 Blunt. What inspired your concept and the direction you took for that hit?
 I was telling curt about 1 of my more wild nights  and the next day he came to me with a beat & concept. We put it together a hook and the rest was just telling the  story. Everybody’s dream!