Atlanta’s own sexy model, designer, and hair stylist Corine Black sits with Ms. Vanie for an exclusive interview. She tells about her occurrence with Roscoe Dash and celebrity hair stylist Naomi Russell, and gives advice to young women wanting to branch into the entertainment industry.

Vanie: Okay Corine tell me how you got into the whole modeling thing? And what inspired you to model?

Corine: I started modeling originally when I was like eight for an agency; I did back to school wear a couple of times. It was pretty cool, I wasn’t too enthused about it, but my mother was a model so she kind of pushed me to get out there and do it.

Vanie: Okay so your mother was a model. So what are some things has she gotten into?

Corine: Um…Just a lot of amateur things, you know hair shows, Bronner Brothers , modeling her own line and stuff like that, nothing too major.

Vanie: So what about you, what are you into??

Corine: Whoo boy!! Well aside from “Foxes” I do have my own clothing company that’s coming out of South Africa called “KOMO-B”“Hopefully I’ll be traveling back to Africa this summer to work on my business proposal”. I have Encore on Tuesdays; we’re promoting Encore every Tuesday. And we’re also doing “Jet lounge” every Friday. And it’s a whole lot of other different little things…

Vanie: Why South Africa for the clothing company?

Corine:  Just because I need the labor and they need the jobs and if we can help each other out I would feel a lot better if both parties got something out of it.

Vanie: What’s going to be the vision for this clothing line?

Corine: This clothing line is if you can picture a splash of Alexander McQueen meats Betsy Johnson that’s kind of it but a little more 80’s really really punked out, really really  graunchy.

Vanie: okay.

Corine: It’s different

Vanie: Different is good, different is good. So I looked up “Foxes Eye Candy” and it seemed interesting, so tell me a little about that.

Corine: Ok well “Foxes Eye Candy” got started summer of ’10 after I got off tour withRoscoe Dash and his previous management company. I learned from that experience and learned some things to do and things not to do, and “I decided that I was going to do it the right way and start my own company.”

Vanie: Tell me a little about that experience with the video shoot if you don’t mind sharing.

Corine: Oh boy!! Well the video shoot was a different experience that I will never forget. It was fun, very long hours. It took 2 whole days to shoot the “Show Out” video, and right after we finished the second day we got right back on the road from Miami to drive up to Atlanta. 48 hours of standing up, dance here, and you need to look like this, very tiring but fun.

Vanie: Would you ever do it again for another event, or video?

Corine: Of course, it’s fun, only select videos, nothing too crazy.

Vanie: So what are your plans with “Fox Eye Candy”?

Corine:  To get everybody signed to a legitimate agency.

Vanie: Is it a modeling agency?

Corine: It’s a modeling company.  I don’t want to call it an agency just yet because we’re still building. I do have clientele that ask for models and what not. As far as portfolio work done, it’s more like a startup company that will show women the right way when branding yourself in this industry.

Vanie: What kind of models do you work with, is there a specific look you go for?

Corine: What makes us different is I work with everybody I never turn a face down. If a girl may not look like the model-esque person that you’re looking for, I will make suggestions, I’m not afraid to tell her what she needs to do to make herself more marketable.

Vanie: Any other projects?

Corine: I have been designing a lot of cloths for Block N Roll.

Vanie: You said black and roll

Corine: No, Block N roll.

Vanie: Ok so tell me a little about that.

Corine: It’s kind of an alternative rock, slash hip hop group.

Vanie: Okay…

Corine: Really really cool music, like I’ve never heard anything else like them.  I been working with them designing a lot, been in a few of their videos, just really cool stuff you can look out for them, been designing for them. Other than that, just working on my own person as a brand, working on me, I’m still modeling, so just pushing myself to do different things

Vanie:  So your designing, you’re a model, what else?

Corine: Managing and I’m a hair stylist.

Vanie:  Wow!!! You do the whole thing!

Corine: umm-hmm

Vanie: Tell me something most people don’t know about Corine? Something beyond the image.

Corine: I’m a very private person, most people would not think that about me, because of “my image is so Ahh! It’s out there”, I’m really really personal, you know in me. I’m an observer.

Vanie: Okay you said you’ve done hair shows and you’ve done run ways. Which one do you prefer and which one are you more comfortable doing?

Corine:  “I really like high fashion run way, the whole couture, Avant Garde, I like being weird really”. With hair shows its more glitz and glam, it’s more turns and spins and really really flamboyant and that’s just not me. It’s really fun to do it, but that’s just really not my passion. I like it but if I had a choice, I’d stay on high fashion.

Vanie: Tell me about some of the people that you’ve work within the music and fashion industry.

Corine: Okay music of course Roscoe Dash, he’s a very nice guy, very very humble.  I had a shoot with DJ Drama, he’s pretty cool. He is so country, I did not know that, he’s really cool. I touch basis with Waka Flocka , He’s like a big ole teddy bear. And he’s really really smart contrary to popular belief, this man is smart. I don’t know why people keep trying him like he’s dumb because he’s not. I’m currently signed to ITM, Imperative Talent Management. They’re based by Cumberland now, really cool company, they have really helped me past modeling and have helped me with business ventures. My agent, Rick Bowens, always a straight shooter, he’s really really cool.

Vanie: Tell me about the Hotlanta shoot.

Corine: I was basically approached by a pretty big hair stylist in Atlanta, Naomi Russell. Ms. Celebrity hair stylist she is fabulous.

Vanie: She did your hair in that photo shoot?

Corine: Yes she did.

Vanie: It looked sooo good; I see why she’s Naomi, Ms. Celebrity Hair stylist.

Corine: Yes!! Um she works with Derek-J at the hair salon “Seven Over Heaven”, but really cool peoples, but she just approached me to do it. I have always seen her at the beauty supply store actually, and she asked me if I wanted to do it and I said heck yea! Why not, and that’s how that came about

Vanie: Yea those pictures look so good….

Corine: Thank you.

Vanie: What advice would you give young women coming into the industry that want the spot light and want to be in the lifestyle?

Corine: Don’t sell yourself short.

Vanie: Ok, meaning?

Corine:  Your worth a lot more than what they give you sometimes, So if you can get representation, always have somebody that have your back if something doesn’t look right, make sure you have somebody with you that will talk to them and make sure everything is good. And don’t put yourself out there as a video vixen off bat. Because when you come into the industry, it’s important that you brand yourself properly.  So a lot of the times if you come into the music industry and only do music videos and eye candy booty out shoot it’s not good for the image.

Vanie: That’s promo modeling right?

Corine: No…

Vanie: What’s the difference?

Corine: Promotional Modeling is basically a brand ambassador. You have a pretty face to represent a name. That’s promotional model. The video vixen aspect of it came into the picture when people realized that sex sells. There are two completely different things but people confused them a lot because the women that pass out the flyers are the promotional models, and the women on the flyer are the vixens, they’re being used to also sell the brand but in a different manner.

Vanie: Ok, Any other advice?

Corine: Ummm, never do a World Star Hip Hop video. And never do any work that’s un-contracted. I don’t think I can give any more advice, but to carry yourself as a young lady at all times, and as a business woman because your face is a brand. So you always want to represent yourself in the right manner no matter where you are, because somebody is always looking and the cameras are always there.

Vanie: Ok so if anyone would want to keep up with your project and the Corine brand, how should they go about that?

Corine: Twitter:  @bonnie4lyfe , or @foxeseyecandy,  and they can like the foxes page on Facebook and friend request me and message me.

Vanie: Anything else you would like to say though??

Corine: No, girl we’re old friends, we’ll keep in touch.

Vanie: Well thank you so much for coming out.

Corine: No problems at all, thank you for interviewing me.


Twitter:  @bonnie4lyfe , or @foxeseyecandy