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D.A. the Future’s (of Hip Hop) like many artists, introduction to music began at home and in the church where music was the driving force for inspiration in his family’s life. It wasn’t long after he picked up a pen and started writing lyrics of his own. By his tenth birthday he began experimenting with recording and from that point on, he knew he was going to be a star. He would soon be reciting lyrics in front of audiences like a natural performer. Realizing his relationship with the entertainment industry was fate, his passion for music began to grow and he has been committed to his craft ever since.

Words from D.A. The Future:

“On a ordinary day you’ll more than likely catch me at Earl’s barbershop 359 broadway, Amityville, NY cutting hair playing chess and writing rhymes. By the end of the night in the studio or dumbin out in a bar with my homies and some fly females rolling blunts, or low planning on my next epic move.  All I want people to know is I am a MisFit 4 Life! Live Life To The Fullest”.

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Atlanta’s own sexy model, designer, and hair stylist Corine Black sits with Ms. Vanie for an exclusive interview. She tells about her occurrence with Roscoe Dash and celebrity hair stylist Naomi Russell, and gives advice to young women wanting to branch into the entertainment industry. Continue reading

Project Haiti Orphanage and Children’s Center is about the people of Haiti who are facing ongoing devastation following the earthquake of January 2010. It’s about a replicable, resilient model for rebuilding.

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