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Alexander Earl Lloyd, better known by the stage name A’Lex, is an American rapper/singer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

A’Lex was born on August 24, 1990 in Decatur, Ga to a mother and father who were both in the music industry. His mother a gospel singer and his father a band manager. Both parents play highly influential roles in his life and have always supported him with his musical endeavors. His stage name is derived from his birth name, Alexander. His friends  simply call him Alex, so A’Lex is a cool twist that was put to the name when he was 19. He includes artists such as Andre 3000, T.I, Mase, and Robin Thicke among his influences.

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JoRob who is a singer, songwriter, and producer was known to grace each track with his urban resonance. The unique sound and vibe that JoRob has in his music will never be matched; JoRob is constantly re-inventing himself to reach perfection. “There is always room for improvement. When you settle, that’s when you, as an artist, will fail.” During the interview JoRob tells Vanie,  “Everyday I’m contacting artist, producers, radio stations and DJ’s. I’m reading up on the entertainment industry & tricks of the trade. I spend a lot of time promoting my album and videos. I have developed a number of new clothing pieces for my clothing line JoRobWear. I spend hours and hours at my studio writing music and recording.

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