I was so blessed to be given the opportunity of meeting a plethora of great talents at the Kevin Shine Writter’s Session segment in Atlanta, GA April 23-27, 2012. While there I met Earthtone Lyrix. The energy from her was so pure and genuine which reiterates her stage name. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and learning more about her journey in music. Her music is soulful and full of life and her sound is remarkable. Please listen to the relaxing and sensual music of Earthtone and read her exclusive interview with yours truly, Ms. Vanie.


Song 1 EarthTone- Look At Me

Song 2EarthTone- Move On

Song 3 EarthTone- Sketch Me(2)



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About Earthtone: 

EarthTone Lyrix is a captivating eccentric new taste to the music industry proving this with every line that she writes and every lyric that she sings. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Born October 4,1989 and Stone Mountain, Georgia raised with the demeanor of a shy girl until she opens her mouth with strong tones to prove that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. EarthTone has many styles of music but would rather consider her music an evolving genre within itself because she is a writer, but most of her fans love the Neo-Soul/Jazz feeling that they receive. She started singing at the age of three and started writing and composing her own music at the age of 18 in 2008. EarthTone is merely musically inclined; she taught herself how to play the Guitar and Piano in less than a year.

Through her gift, she continues to learn more instruments. EarthTone is an alumni of Tucker high school in Tucker, Ga, after high school she pursued a college degree only before her musical abilities consumed every inch of her spirit. She gained her 1st audience at her college Albany State University in 2009 everyone in the city loved her and from there she earned gigs around the city from the exposure. With such great feedback and crowd hunger for EarthTone she decided to keep the ball rolling and moved back home to pursue her musical career in the summer of 2010. She moved home with a go-getter attitude and patience to proceed. With the patience being the virtue she was featured On the #1 radio station by one of the hottest DJ personalities in Atlanta, Ga “DJ Gregg street” on the Frank and Wanda morning show. Creating yet great responses and more exposure and earning more opportunities she is ready to takeoff!


The Interview: 

Vanie: Ok Earthtone right? How did the name come about?

Earthtone Lyrix: I got that name from being such a naturist type person. That’s how people view me. Like when I was in college I first called my name “Jupiter” so people started calling me “Jupi”. But alongside that I always was on the natural side, always outside while on campus being the one that stood out. So people just always called me Earthtone. So other people kind of gave me the name than I gave it to myself.

V. So you mentioned that you kind of feel like you’re not from here so elaborate on that a little bit.

E. Growing up I always been an outcast, so when I got into music, I felt like that was my home. But I don’t know how to tie it together but I never felt like I was from here. Because I started writing music in 2008 so I felt like, teaching myself Guitar and Piano which I though could never do that  and that I cared about music as much as I do.

V. So how would you say that you being an outcast is expressed in your music?

E. It shows that I have a friend in music. That’s the person I talk to; to me it’s like a person. I write emotional music, emotional songs. So it just shows that’s my way for venting.

V. So where have your unique sound taken you? What are some cool places have you been because of your sound?

E. Well I’m not going to go in order. I have been blessed with the opportunity to perform in front of fifty colleges and at the Honda Quadra at Orlando FL. And that was a paid event and it was cool to me because I’m not in school right now and I’m working. I do a lot of paid shows.  One memorable moment in 2010 I went to the Apache Café, after the performance I had my CDs and everything and people just came and bum rushed me for a CD, and one guy came up to me and gave me a one hundred dollar bill and said “keep it”, and I gave him two CD’s. So after that though, I’m just doing shows and trying to get my name out there. In November last year 2011 I was on 106 & Park with two other female contestants. One was a group and I think it was like a “soul” showcase. That was a pretty cool opportunity. I met Janelle Monae at a show in Macon, and they called me back within a week. I mean just to know that they called me back means a lot to me. I have been blessed to meet Keri Hilson, and she’s willing to work as well. I can’t say on what song.

V. Wait you can’t say it, or are you not allowed to say it?

E .I’m not allowed to say it…I also met Mella from 702 was at a studio in downtown Atlanta, I didn’t know she was going to be there. I met her and talked to her and she told me to stay pure and to never let anybody change me, and she said that she really wants to work with me and I been keeping in touch with her ever since I met her and just a lot of different connections. Also Missy Elliot direct messaged me and told me to keep going in my music. I mean I have had the opportunity to meet a bunch of people.

V. So where do you see yourself in the future, I don’t want to say three or five years because I don’t want to put a time limit on it. But where do you see your music in the future.

E. I want to say as a life changer because I know my music can change life, because it has changed lives. I had cancer patients walk up and tell me “Look at Me” your song Look at Me has changed my life. I don’t think it’s all me of course it’s God of course because he gave me the gift so. I just want to change lives and do what all the greats did. Like Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye. Just put out good music and don’t let people tell you can’t do it and that you have to sound a certain way on order for your music to get sold.


Keep up with Earthtone Lyrix:

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